OpenROV with beaglebone White+cape need help


since mi BBW works fine, with (firmware estable) ,suddenly mi gamepad STOP to work, i use gamepad360,f310, i upload 2.5-05 img and get problem ,(motors,cam,and lights don't work until I re-upload the firmware to the Arduino. please somebody can help whit a 2.5 v5 or 2.5 v29 firmware that work on BBW without sensors.

Thanks. jimmy


Hi Jimmy:

There was an update to the Chrome browser a couple of months ago that caused the Gamepad to stop working. If you're using Chrome, maybe it auto-updated?

I think Brian has figured out how to get the newest software running on a BB White. You should stop by sometime when he's around and maybe the two of you can work out the issues.



hi Walt , i will stop by , thanks


Hi Jimmy

I have the same problem and have to upload the Arduino firmware everytime. I uploaded the logs over a week ago and await a reply.



Hey everyone,

I see the catch 22. The stable BBW image is using the gamepad drivers that the latest version of chrome breaks. I suspect the latest dev image will work but I need to test it on the BBW still. I changed how it detects the version of the arduino code which is what I suspect is probably happening. Do note that if you load the dev image you will need to adjust the AConfig.h to disable the MPU9150 and depth sensor to that the firmware will fit on the 328p micro controller.

In the meantime, if you want to simply update the stable image that was working before, you can update this one file per this blog post: