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Hey Guys, I am trying to capture images from the webcam of the openrov to do some image processing on it. At the moment I am trying to use matlab to capture the image via the url, but it is not working as I don’t know the file is generated by the webcam. Can someone help :slight_smile:


That will give you the mjpeg video stream. If you want a single image you will need to use


Cool thanks for that! will try that out and let you know how it goes :slight_smile:


Hey badevguru

I understand that it gives a mjpeg, but the issue arises in the extension of the url to capture the image frame, for example some ip webcams have http://ip-address:port/image.jpg or /mjpg.cgi. Is there anything like that for the webcam on the ROV?


We are using mjpeg-streamer to send the video across, and that is the API that is supported by that package. Does MathLab need the URL to end with an extension for it to work? Such as:


Hey badevgurur

The first url you gave me worked! A little slow (because MATLAB is generally slow) thanks for the assist.

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