Openrov V2.5 Controller bord J12,J17,J7 jumper


Dear friends

I am the hardware of Openrov v2.5. The assembly of electronic-components relation was finished mostly.
NIMH6CELL=8V was connected to J11 for the check of a system.
The place which made J12JUMPER short-circuit since a system did not start,
ESC did not start.
Although I short-circuited J17, ESC does not start.
Do I need to short-circuit J7?
Is short-circuiting J17 right?

Tomio Sugiura


Looking at the schematics I see the following:

Shorting J17 is used to manually turn power on or off to the ESC's. Having J17 shorted will not hurt anything, it just means that power will be applied all the time to the ESC's.

Shorting J12 is the manual switch to turn power off and on to the ROV if you do not have +5v on the tether to do this for you. Having this jumper installed will not hurt anything, it just keeps the power turned on all the time to the ROV.

I will let Walt or others answer this question about J7 as I do not have the 2.5V cape yet to play with. I would not jumper this as it looks like it may be used to apply voltage to the Servo rather than short to ground. Shorting to ground with the esc's connected may cause issues.

This jumper on the old cape was used to apply +5V to the Servo motor on the web cam if you did not have any ESC's connected. If you had ESC's connected then the jumper would be removed and the esc's would supply the +5V needed for the servo.


Dear David Murphy.

I have solved one question by your advice.
Only by short-circuit of J12, even if it connected BEAGLEBONE to OPNEROV CONTROLLER BORD, PC and ping were not then opened for traffic via the THETHER cable.
However, ping was opened for traffic, when wiring remained as it was, BEAGLEBONE was removed from CONTROLLER BORD and USB electric supply was carried out in the state at BEAGLE BONE.
I made J17 short-circuit with courage.
As for all results, PC and ping were opened for traffic in the state of mounting.
It can be communicating by two lines.

Although construction of the software of a system and motor control are performed next, distance is still steep.

Thank you advices.

Tomio Sugiura


Hi Tomino

I am not sure what you are using for your +12V power and if it has the current to be able to power the BB & Cape. Above you mentioned +8V so you may be running into an issue with power. Using the +5V USB to power the BB may work but not when you connect up the Cape or USB Camera to it, the USB Power source may not be able to source enough current. You should power everything using +12V connected to the Cape with a power source that can deliver enough current.


Dear David Murphy.

Since my CONTROL SYSTEM of OPENROV was too fresh, I wanted to do a communication test with Beaglebone which Thether.

It became possible by having made J17 jumper short-circuit at NIMH of 3900mAh of 7.2V (6cell).
Of course, voltage may be shortage at a motor drive.I think need 12V under water.

but ESC SPEC is 4 to 9 cell. I do it test 7.2V NIMH battery.

Tomio Sugiura


David is correct with regards to the operation of J12 and J17.

J7 should not be shorted. J7 is used to apply power to servos or ESCs that are plugged into J6 for the special case where none have a battery-eliminator circuit (BEC). With the current design, the ESCs provide +5V on this pin, so no connection at J7 is needed.

Tomio, you should try using a higher voltage than 7.2V. 7.2V may not be enough for the system to run properly.



Dear Walt

I chenge the voltage DC12V(power supply).

But I could not update the Arduino firmware,

Error is Initiating arduino reset.

This error manualy or auto both arrive.

Tomio Sugiura