OpenROV v2.5 CAD Files Added to GitHub!


We've just posted the Autodesk Inventor CAD files for OpenROV v2.5 on GitHub. Our hope is that by making these files available, people will not only be able to build the existing design from scratch, but also modify it to make it better or more useful for specific tasks. Please share your modifications with us- we'd love to see them!

You can find the newest files here:

Files are organized in folders by subsystem: Battery Pack, E-Chassis, Internal Structure, Main Endcap, and Shell, and there is an assembly file that has these parts put together. Each part is formatted as an Autodesk Part file (*.ipt) and the assembly is formatted as an Autodesk Assembly file (*.iam).

In the future, we'd like to also host these files in more universal formats (such as STEP) so if anyone would like to take the time to make those conversions, we'd welcome it! We'd also like to make a 3D model of the entire assembled ROV- complete with all of the various parts that make it work. There's definitely a lot of CAD work to be done, but hopefully this is a good start!



Thanks for the model.

- Ion -


Can you not export to any other formats from Inventor? I am a CAD monkey by trade so could do something, if only I could read *.ipt/*.iam

Happy to help out if you can give me another format


If you have autocad 2007 or later you could use this addon :

I have Autocad 2006 and I could not import this.


Just ordered the electronics (for both v2.5 and the hydrophone). I'll let you guys know how the hydrophone projects goes.


I have converted all the files from the v2.5 release to STEP format.
You can download a .rar file containing all the STEP files from my dropbox:
STEP Files

I don't know how to use github so feel free to check out the files and upload to github if you want.
Also, the Shell was only a flat part. So I added a folded versoin of it named "Shell 25083113 FOLDED.stp" When folding it I used a bend radius of 10mm and this might not be correct. (?)


Thanks Ole!


Ole, you rock!

I've now added your files to the GitHub repository. You can find them here: