openROV V 2.6 software


Where can I find the latest software for the 2.6 version openROV ?



does this image include the update for the Arduino as well as the BBB?
What do I have to do to to have the IMU working?


Yes, it includes the update for the BBB and new firmware for the Arduino. The IMU will be automatically recognized if connected properly (i.e. you don’t cross any wires).

Also note that this is the “flash” image and must be burned to the BBB using these procedures:


We have a guide that will walk you through the process of updating the BBB and the firmware on the Arduino. They both need to be updated at the same time.

If you ordered one of the IMU 2.0 from us (purchased in the last few months) you need to be running software version 30.0.2 or newer. 30.0.2 is the latest stable release that we have at the moment.

If you have any problems with the IMU please let us know as we have seen some issues with them freezing that we are trying to track down.


Thank you so much for all the help. The update instructions don’t mention the Arduino
firmware update. Step 6 says Continue to the step title “Apply Image to BBB”. What
is step 7,8,9 and 10 ? what is the correct update sequence


Keep reading all the way through the end of the guide. Step 15 and 16 talk about the Arduino Firmware upload. It is easy to miss this part.

Steps 3-6 are for creating the image on a Windows Computer.

Steps 7-10 are for creating the image on a Mac.

These two parts create the exact same image it just depends what operating system you are running on your computer.

The instructions then merge back and are the same from step 11 on for all computer operating systems.


Does the camera servo have to be calibrated? I cannot get much movement through
the keyboard commands