OpenROV Trindent really open?


Hi Folks
Being an engineer I wonder if the Trident design is as open as the name OpenROV implies? Is it possible the get drawings, circuit diagrams, and/or SW code for further understanding and possible tune-ups?


I know that their OpenROV build your own drone kits are open. I’m not a programmer so haven’t delved into it but it appears some folks are working on the Trident software in other threads.


Here’s the link for Jim N’s thread about software.


Thanks alaskasurf,

for the links you provided. It will take a while for me to digest this… I guess that the Trident platform is not fully open in that sense.

Anyone heard of descriptions regarding the wireless interfaces (mainly for payload)?




OpenROV is working on interfaces for payloads. Not sure of release details at the moment, but the community has been anticipating this plug n play functionality. As mentioned earlier, there are community folks who are starting to delve into the communications possibilities for payloads. I suspect there will be some interfaces coming out soon.