OpenROV Trident Unboxing and Test Dive video



Hi folks, I received my OpenROV Trident, and I made this video:

I found the video export a bit clumsy, maybe because I had three dives to export and I was impatient. No progress bar, and confusing popup info.

I am really eager to get this to Nome and try it out for my required video surveys for my offshore gold mining areas.


In the video you mentioned using the Topside WiFi as a floating buoy. This topic has some good info - Ideas for WiFi Topside Float design.

Are you going to be on Bering Sea Gold too?


Thanks, I didn’t realize that the buoy was no longer designed to be free floating. It’s simple enough for me to rig up something to mount it to.

I don’t know if I will agree to do Bering Sea Gold, the producers of the show have called me about once a week for the past few months, they’ve even flown out here multiple times to try to convince me to do the show. But the show is mainly about a few of the small scale folks, who are a lot more chaotic than my large scale, professional operation. My dredge is over 6 times bigger than the CR, and can move 10x as much material per year. You can see more on my website:

One thing I really want to do is create a SFM model of each site every year, so I can then overlay each site by year so the biologists can more clearly see the regrown. I especially want them to tell me if there is anything I can do differently to improve the habitat. The dredging action fluffs up the sea floor and allows deeper penetration by the sea life. I also need to document nearby unmined areas for a baseline, since the shallow water is so turbulent, a major annual storm can dramatically alter the seafloor.

So many possibilities for science! Heh, “A Bering Sea of Possibilities”