OpenROV Software Stack ToDo list



Hello to everyone,

Just browsing through archive and wondering if anyone is maintaining a ToDo list.
Particularity I am interested on connections to other Opensource software project like OpenCV and GPUOpen ( or OpenPCR.
Also saw some posts here (
OpenCV on BBB at 30FPS related to FFMPG,OpenCV but as it is more then 2 years
old not sure if it is of any relevance today for machine learning library within OpenCV

Any feedback welcome

Rgds Gottfried


Love to see some suggestion. You can tag them as ‘feature’ or drop the proposal on the github repository.

Right now we are not looking any further than the next major release…



Thanks for your response and also the road-map Still brainstorming but as said would love to see some connection
from OpenROV going to other projects like ( and )
For now I will just focus on h.264 camera support and if I manage to write something into opencv coming from ROV with cython similar to this post