OpenROV software running! ... mostly


Video Capture is working!!

The only problem is upon starting the OpenROV software i get an error that reads:

{ [Error: EACCES, open '/sys/kernel/debug/omap_mux/uart1_txd']
errno: 3,
code: 'EACCES',
path: '/sys/kernel/debug/omap_mux/uart1_txd' }

i have enabled the uarts as the new instructions indicate... and i suspect that is one of the reasons i have no serial com between the BB and the Arduino?


Hey Chris,

The above problem is based on the fact that only root can access these files.

I've got a script that you can run as root that sets rx and tx correctly.

An other thing to note is (as far as I can remember), that the current development code of the node.js app and the arduino code have different baud rates set up. These need to be aligned (for me it works for both of them on 115200baud).

Once you have the electronics together and the ATMega382 chip programmed with the OpenROV code, you should be able to test it locally on the BeagleBone by using a serial commication tool like minicom or picocom. The serial device you point to is /dev/ttyO1 (thats a capital o)

Hope that helps




Hey Dominik,

I actually lost another BeagleBone A6 before I even got that far - i dont know if we got a bad batch or something ...

Anyways for now I scrapped the entire electronics system and built a new one. I put the USB and serial data for control over the Cat5e and deal with it at the surface! But i am sure that will help everyone else that runs into the problem




What do you mean by 'lost'? I'm sorry to hear that!

Do you have details of your setup somewhere?



We have had 2 BB's die within a day of getting them - something goes wrong with the voltage regulator on board and they are dead. Power LED will flash once and that's it.

I measured the output on the 3.3 rail, was nearly 0v , 5VDC was 0.15v ... now the funny thing is the second one died being powered over the USB! So I think we got a bad batch...

As for the design - after our salt water dive last night there needs to be a few changes made. We have a more detailed description up on our website of the architecture and will be adding more in the near future ... once we have all the bugs worked out ;)