OpenROV Simulator


Is there a hardware simulator setup in use? partial? new to node.js, not sure what a mock node is, investigating now, but does anyone have a simulator for unit testing and integration testing for the ROV in operation?


Same question here :-)


I'll tell you want I am going to do. I have a kid on the way soon, so I'll be spending some time at home. Here's my idea, not sure if it will work 100%.

Get a VMBox setup with the OpenROV image installed. Investigate the mock node.js bit, however, I think I am going to build a serial to break-out board harness to mimick voltage returns for motor simulation, webcam, and I have a sensor suite that I can pipe in already. And there you have it. I'll see what I can swing on a minimalist level. If it works, I'll push it up onto the forum.



Which OP is the correct one for the Beaglebone virtualization ?

May be I would try your idea.

Waiting for that "push"


Found a few sites in regards to emulating the beagle bone in QEMU, but VirtualBox is not capable of emulating the ARM architecture. I've tooled with the QEMU, but haven't had success with the BBB emulation. Not giving up yet, I want a simulator for cross-compiling, etc.


Some progress:

I've followed the above instructions and have successfully ran a BBB image in QEMU in Ubuntu. There is also an approach to run QEMU in windows. I'll test it and post a blog about it, with instructions soon. Next step is to get the openrov software in it.

As for Dominik's Image, haven't had success in getting it to start in QEMU, but I will sally forth and produce a stable and viable development environment that does not need the kit on hand.

Not sure if anyone sees any value in this, but in my case, I've loaned my kit out and don't feel like picking up another BBB just to contribute to the code base.


I am mistaken, the image, if created using linaro, works fine. More to come...


mmmm no, no it does not...



That great following your own thoughts in the forum ¡¡

Waiting for your intructions about the process.

Kind regards


For those that are trying to get QEMU up and running, I'm crossing my fingers ;-).

$45 for the beaglebone gives you the working environment sans arduino... I have it plugged in on my network and simply ssh in when doing a lof the node.js programming. is what I use to isolate the browser and do a ton of the javascript and html work without needing node at all.



Indeed, had to give it a go, though. Thats for the link.