OpenROV Simulator


Hello all,

My name is Rodrigo and I developed OpenROV Simulator and would like to know your opinions about it.

Also would like to know what I else I should implement (remembering that it is a small project).



Forgot to say, the simulator is for now in


I think you did a great job on setting the simulator up!

It is probably the only way to train to use the openROV and that may mean not wrecking your rover on the first trip!

I don't know if it would be too hard or not, but if there was a way to set up debris on the bottom or the wreck you are exploring that could snag your cable, that could teach us how to avoid these problems.

Thanks again for your time in making this simulator.


Hello Chuck, thanks for the tip.

Right now I'm trying to make your observation, let's see what I can do.