OpenROV-ROV-Suite 2.5.1 Final Errants



While we do strive to make every release bug free, we are not perfect. This topic is for tracking the known issues and work arounds preventing use of core capabilities of the ROV for the 2.5.1 Final Release software. If you would like to be notified of updates, be sure to subscribe to this topic.

Motor Reverse does not work on boot up

Description: This is a high priority issue. When starting up the ROV, all motors will only go in one direction. This issue shows up occasionally but not necessarily consistently on all model ROVS using 2.5.1 Final.
Work Around: Open the diagnostic screen and use the arrow close button to close the screen. Motors should now work correctly.
Git Hub Issue:

Auto Update feature fails with 500 error message in dashboard

Description: When trying to use the online update feature for the software through dashboard you get an error message.
Status: The update service is currently off-line as we work out and test fixes to prevent loading development code in to an ROV that should only be running stable cuts of the software.

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