OpenROV rebuild v2.7 to v2.8 is that possible?


I have a 2.7 kit is not yet built that.
Can I install the improvements of 2.8 kit?
For example, the battery tubes and the main tube of the 2.8?

Thanks for an answer.


Hopefully one of the HQ guys can answer, but my understanding is no. I have a 2.6, which is mostly compatible with the 2.7, (ie end caps, battery packs, etc). The 2.8 has a thicker dimension tube, so the insides don’t fit properly (I think)


Hi Jesse,
Thanks for your answer.
I think in the main tube can happen.
When the battery tubes could fit with happiness.
I hope after a response from HQ


Order some 2.8-stuff hoping that this would be doable; turned out that it was not that easy.
See q and a here:


Hello marcus2,

thanks for the reply and the link.
You helped me.

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We have dedicated the first part of this coming week in the lab to doing a deep dive into the reverse compatibility of all the different parts for the various models.

We should have some concrete answers for you very soon.

If anyone has tried putting 2.8 components on a 2.7 we would love to hear what you did!


Hi Brian,
That’s good news.
I am curious to see what will be there for solutions.
I think the improved battery tubes from 2.8 very interesting for my 2.7 ROV


Here at HQ we have been hard at work with the reverse compatibility aspect of OpenROV. I just wanted to give you guys an update on the status so far. The biggest change from 2.7 to 2.8 that we have heard users asking about is to have a way to upgrade their battery tubes. We believe we have found an elegant solution for this by creating a small mounting plate.

OpenROV hardware 2.7 with a polypropylene plate to accept 2.8 battery tubes.

OpenROV Hardware 2.6 with a polypropylene plate to accept 2.8 battery tubes.

OpenROV Hardware 2.6 with a polypropylene plate to accept 2.8 battery tubes.

On a 2.7 the mounting plate does not stick out the back like it does on a 2.6 (the shell design changed between the two versions)

We still have work to do to validate this idea but if it all works out we should have this on our store very soon, so stay tuned.


Hi Brian,
the first approaches give hope to the better 2.8 battery tubes.
Question, it can not be the slots for the new holder of the 2.8 battery tubes in the side parts Milling? Then breaks down the material?

Thanks for your answer.


@Holger_Tinsz_fun2rov you could mill the siding of the existing shell.

We have also come out with an upgrade kit for the battery tubes.


The main tube for 2.8 is the exact same inner diameter as the 2.7 and fitted perfectly, just swapped mine to the thicker 2.8 one.