Openrov ordering lead time and shipping time


hi guys

me and a couple of friends are planning to order a V2.6.

I was just wondering what is the lead time from order placement to shipping typically is? An estimate will do.

Also, I would like to ship it via Fedex ground home deliver to Champlain New York, but it doesn't tell me the ETA on the ordering page, can anyone help find out?

The reason I ask is because my group is three people, but the other two is moving in 3 weeks. One is going on a journey of self discovery and the other is moving for grad school. So we want to order, build, test before we end up all over the place.

thanks guys



Hey Davy,

The kits ship within a week of ordering. The assembled ROVs have about a 4 week lead time (but that will be shortened to 1 week by the end of this month.


I ordered mine (kit) on the 6/16/2014 and I’m patiently waiting for it(7/7/2014).

I’m in California.

I’m saying this for reference not as a complaint.


thanks david.


what shipping option did you use?


I dont remember, I beleive they are being shipped from California to me in California therefore it should only be a day. I checked my invoice and it was:

Shipping : $15.90 USD


Mike, Looking into this now. Will reply via email.


Thank you for the PM and E mail. I really appreciate it, Im looking forward to contributing when I can.


Hi guys,

I’m from Turkey and I wonder if anybody can inform me about shipping and ordering issues to Turkey.

  • How long does it take ?
    -How can I check my order if it is prepared or on the que?
    -How can I get the FedEx traking number and when ?

Thank you


We haven’t ran into any shipping problems to Turkey.

Our ROV kits are ready to ship and should leave here 24-48 hours after your order is placed. From there it would depend on the shipping option you select. A tracking number will be provided when the order ships.

Thank you,


Thanks Zack. We have already overcome those issues…