OpenROV on H2's America Unearthed


So I was watching the History Channel this morning and saw the teaser for H2's America Unearthed Season 3.

America Unearthed Season 3 Teaser

At about the 00:12 minute mark, what do we have? An OpenROV!

Nice to see it get some screen time! I think it's anyone's guess as to what the topic of the episode will be about, but I still like watching them.




Very cool that they included that in the teaser!


Gah, you guys are holding out on us!

Found this other video today of Eric: A New Way to ROV

I hope you guys will do a write-up after the actual episode airs! I can't wait for it.


Ha! This is the first I've seen of that!

Okay, well I'm not sure how much I'm supposed to say about that episode before it airs, but basically the History Channel wanted us to go help them explore some stuff so we did.

Can't wait to see the full episode!



Nah don’t spoil it, I just think it’s really cool they picked you guys over VideoRay or whoever else. This is one of my favorite TV shows and I am really impressed they wanted you for it. Way to go! I’ll keep an eye out for the air date.


Hi Eric.

Nice promo!
Do you know when it airs?