OpenROV on Android Mini PC


I connected my OROV to an Android Mini pc (Media Center. Tronsmart Draco aw80) and tested it using the wireless USB keyboard I normally use on a PC. I used Chrome and everything worked exactly as if it was on a standard PC.

Why am I posting this?
I had the impression it would not work without some effort. A while back I set up a controller on my Note 2 phone to try running the ROV that way. I couldn’t map the controls though because the phone didn’t have as an option. At this point my laptop battery, which I was waiting to arrive, did arrive and I no longer needed my phone to act all big and PC like. I did have the vague impression that some modifications would need to be done to make it work. But I guess not. I know there are screen capture apps for Android so recording could be done that way. Because it is quite low power, it is something I’ve considered using on the Bouncy Castle * instead of my laptop, as I would like a bigger screen.

‘*’ My science vessel.