OpenROV Not Connecting via Ethernet



We are currently having difficulties in connecting to the BBB from a computer, but only when the Beagle Bone is connected to the rest of the processor boards. When the BBB is removed from the rest of the ROV, I am able to connect to the BBB. This is happening on two different ROVs.




Sorry to hear that you are having issues connecting. Have you tried using our self-help trouble-shooting guide? If you have and found it to not be helpful, I’ll be happy to assist you. Otherwise the trouble-shooting steps you will find there are the same steps that we will ask you to perform anyway.

The first thing that comes to mind however, is: Do you have EoP (ethernet over power) devices running in the same room, or are connected to the same electrical circuit as them? These are devices used to extend WiFi range, and they utilize building circuitry. The OpenROV’s use the same communication protocol as these (That is what the Tenda’s are for) and these can cause interference if used in the same room and especially if you are connected to the same circuit (if your laptop is has its power cord in).

Try the troubleshooting guide and let me know.

OpenROV Support