OpenRov Modeling


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We are trying to study the capability of equipping the OpenRov with a spear gun to hunt fish .

Is there anything that we should keep in mind for this project? We are afraid that the weight of the gun would affect the movement of the robot

so In general, Is there any information about the modeling and the design of open ROV and the math behind it, I’am trying to understand how this robot moves and works underwater to know whether or not it is possible to equip it with a weapon to do the fishing ?


I know someone was working on one at some point and this thread has a design idea for one OpenROV: Lionfish Control If the spear gun was too heavy you would likely just need to add flotation to balance it out. I think I would be most worried about spearing something and having it drag the ROV all over and possibly do damage to it or loosen a strap or knock parts off. This thread might also help Ideas about using OpenROV to eliminate lionfish? . If I was going to do this I would either set it up with a way to have the spear connection break off easily to keep from wrecking the ROV or fit it with a mechanism for releasing the line in the event a bigger fish snagged what you had speared.


@chanchanval But based on what I can decide if the spear gun is heavey for the robot to handle? Any suggestions?


How much does the spear gun you plan to use weigh?


@chanchanval around 0.5kg …


0.5KG shouldn’t be an issue, I think you will likely need to add a little flotation to balance it out and the ROV likely won’t be as fast as without it. I haven’t driven mine with any large modifications though so I am not sure how it would change the movement through the water.



This is true I guess ! thank you so much , appreciated.

But I wish if someone can guide me how to prove that it won’t be a problem to equip OpenRov with a specific gun…