OpenROV Microphones and small Payloads


Some of my pilots are looking to start their first adventure out using OpenROVs to answer a question of their choosing. I want to give them a few new tools to inspire their expedition goals.

  1. Does anyone have any favorite plug and play underwater microphones that they’ve connected to their ROV’s?
  2. Is it difficult to wire in a new analog signal and play it at the same time?
  3. Are there any simple ideas/simple sensors I can add?

Also is anyone local to the bay area, that has time in the next… weekend to help me put something together?

Thank you thank you,

  1. No…just use the web cam sound.
  2. No bandwidth for multiplexing another analog audio stream.
  3. ROVs 2.8 and below have only two channels in addition to the bare minimum communication control and video/audio. You should add the optional depth sensor and “compass” if still available. You could construct a small manipulator arm for grabbing/sampling/or simply touching. There are folks here that can help. Audio does not work well underwater {you have audio coming from the web cam). Audio frequencies attenuate too quickly. That is why animals use “sonar” frequencies.
    There are some who achieved several more control channels - software programming and computer experience required. Lots of stuff to learn, have fun.