OpenROV Lottery


Had an idea during the dev call that was a little too goofy so I thought I would share here to see if there is interest. As more and more ROVs are built and in the water, things are going to start happening, so I thought it would be fun to award prizes for the “first” ROV serial # to accomplish certain things. For example:(feel free to add to these)

  1. The first ROV to get chomped by a shark or attacked by some other creature.
  2. First To discover actual gold
  3. First dead body
  4. First to encounter giant squid
  5. First to encounter whale shark…sea turtle…etc
  6. First to be lost at sea
  7. First to encounter skinny dippers
  8. First to make some important scientific discovery
  9. First to encounter bioluminescent aliens from “The Abyss”
  10. First to thwart a Pirate attack

…could be a lot of fun…could award beanies, or an expense paid invite to the next adventure, or a coupon to Popeyes fried chicken!


I got 6 & 7 Covered:)

This fall I was running the ROV from shore and the unthinkable happened.My screen froze. No more response from ROV HMMMMM then it occured to me that my tether became unconnected. The words O sH!!!!!!!! came across my lips. I had two things going for me one the ROV finally came to the surface and I could see it !. I was alone in a remote location! I had no boat hmmm bad!! the water was never to cold to retrieve a lost ROV!! and I had no bathing suit .... I can see the fish bubbles from the laughing fish... One rov retrieved, one ego on the mend. That one I never old my wife about so I hope she does not read this blog. :)


Yeah, it's going to be fun to see what comes about with Open Explorer. Funny story, thanks for that. A high tensile strength fishing line along the tether should help prevent another unplanned swim, lol. Also, proof that slightly positive buoyancy is a good thing. Ensures your kit will always come back from the briny depths. The fact you got 7 is killer!


That is a great story, however it sounds like you retrieved the ROV…so no loss…also it would be unfair if the skinny dippers are the operators!


I suppose you could claim the coupon to Popeyes…lol