OpenROV Kits


In case you haven't heard, the project is live on Kickstarter!

Here's what's included in the kit.

OpenROV 2.3 “Included in Kit” list

Note that this list is subject to change


  1. All laser cut acrylic parts needed to build ROV Structure, End Caps, & Electronics Chassis
  2. 100mm OD cast acrylic “Electronics Tube”
  3. 28.5mm OD Nylon “Battery Pack Tube” (2x)
  4. Conical compression springs for Battery Pack Tube (4x)
  5. Rubber end caps for Battery Pack Tube (4x)
  6. M5 316 stainless Threaded “Payload Mounting Rod” (2x)
  7. M5 316 stainless Nuts for Payload Mounting Rod (8x)
  8. M2 316 stainless socket head screws for mounting motors (12x)
  9. M2 316 stainless nuts for mounting motors (12x)
  10. M2 316 stainless lock washers for mounting motors (12x)
  11. #153 O-Rings for End Caps and Electronics Tube mount (6x)
  12. 1mL Syringe for End Cap venting (2x)
  13. Molex 18pin plug (1 male, 1 female)
  14. 100m single twisted pair “Tether”
  15. Length of wire for motor leads
  16. Propeller (3x)
  17. Reusable Zip Ties for mounting Battery Packs and routing wire (4x)


  1. BealeBone Single Board Computer
  2. OpenROV BeagleBone Cape
  3. HD USB Webcam
  4. Ethernet to Single Twisted Pair Adapter (2x)
  5. Electronic Speed Controller for Brushless Motors (3x)
  6. 800KV Brushless Motor (3x)
  7. 87lm LED light array (2x)
  8. Tilt servo

Items not included in kit (that you will need)


  • Acrylic Cement for gluing laser cut parts
  • Epoxy for potting End Caps
  • Liquid Electrical Tape for waterprofing motor lead connection
  • Heat Shrink Tubing for motor lead connection
  • Solder
  • Silicon Grease or Petroleum Jelly for O-Rings
  • Silicone Spray for prevention of motor oxidation


  • Applicator syringe for Acrylic Cement
  • Applicator gun for Epoxy
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Soldering Iron
  • Heat Gun for shrink tubing (but kitchen stove will work)
  • Sandpaper
  • Alan wrench for M2 socket head screws
  • Hacksaw (or other small saw) for cutting plastic syringe


  • Laptop computer with ethernet port that supports modern version of Chrome or Firefox
  • 8 “C” Batteries


Funded in less than 6 hours! Nice work!


Any meet ups or other chances to meet you before the kickstarter round closes? I would love to learn more and see what i can do for you. I teach part time at Singularity U on the NASA campus so I could also visit you there.



In short, yes! But we're still working out the details. Stay posted and thanks for your interest. Also, I'm on base at NASA Ames once or twice a week. Perhaps we could meet there some time as well!



BIG WORK BOYS!!! I have dead in list of needed part “OpenROV BeagleBone Cape” where I can found or i can build it?

Alex from Italy


Congratulations guys!

I wish you would have included some smaller rewards for self-sourcing builders. For example a kit of the hard to get or expensive stuff like the cast acrylic tubes would have been nice.


A few people have brought this up. And I think it's a very good point. The problem is every single person has asked for a different item to be the smaller reward.

We talked at length about this before we launched, and decided we would just immediately open a web store after the kickstarter campaign with all the individual components. That way people can pick and choose what they need and it will still deliver at the same time as the rest of the kits.

That make sense?

Also: we should reconnect on the curriculum idea. I had a great conversation with Dale about it last week.



Good to see all that: would also love to see some instructions that allows people that don't want to buy kits (or better, want to have the feeling they are building something unique with their own hands) to build the same (and maybe improve) ROV.


Hey Simone,
I hear ya. We've been working so hard to revamp the site with better documentation and instructions. Coming very soon!



Hello Guys, a group of germans saw you projekt and we want to build our own OpenROV :-)

But the MCMaster Company doesn´t sent to Europe, because our export policy from the US Government. Now we need building files as .STL or .DWG format. Is there anybody that can help us?

Many thanks

Matthias from Germany


Mathias, I'm from Belgium, and I'm planning on building a OpenROV from Europe too.

I found a supplier of Acrylic in Germany, but there are some problems because the sizes of many parts, despite being in mm, are designed based on the sizes available in US (the tubes in US a made with standard sizes in inches, while in EU are made in mm).

I wrote a post in the forum:

Maybe all EU builders can team up and modify the drawings for EU sizes and build a BOM with suppliers from EU.


Hello Simone, a nice Idea !! We have the problem to receive the right file types for the cutting maschines. Do you have one? Many thanks Matthias


I think the dxf files available in the dev branch on github should be ok. If not, I think any free CAD sw can convert dxf to stl or dwg.

I hope they setup a wiki soon so we can start this collaborative effort


I think the files on Github should work.

Simone, I love the idea of creating a BOM for Europe. We have the BOM on Kitbom - do you want to just fork the BOM from there?

Let me know!



Sure will do ...

But you guys should verify the dimensions with the smaller ID of the tubes in EU


Here is a first update of the EU BOM.

Just added suppliers of acrylic for the moment