OpenRov Kit for Kindergarten kids studying ocean life and interested in building their own OpenRov submarine


My daughter’s pre-k class chose “ocean life” as their main topic of study during the rest of the year and I would love to bring the openRov kit so the children can build the submarine with oarents and teachers to enhance their exploration of ocean life and to develop a sense that with thought, patience, wisdom, teamwork and hard work they can build anything. I would really appreaciate if someone in this forum could help me adjust the openrov building presentation instructions so that kindergarten children as well as the parents/teachers can understand the assembly process and can help to build it. Thanks, Deby


Hey Deby-

This sounds pretty ambitious- I know kids are pretty darn smart these days, but I'm not sure if there's much they'd actually be able to build from these kits. Most of the steps are at kind of a high-school level.

Are you more looking for something that just helps explain what the different parts of the ROV do at a level young children would understand as an adult mostly puts it together?

I think there are some great lessons that can be taught even to very young kids using an OpenROV, but I'd also recommend you check out some other great ROV related projects out there. Have you heard of SeaPerch? They're really great, and are perhaps a bit more manageable for a class of little ones!

Anyway, I love the idea getting very young people interested in ocean life, and I hope we can help out in some way. Good luck!



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