OpenROV is not a DIY project. It's a DIT (Do-It-Together) project


I really have a hard time calling OpenROV a DIY project. In some respects, that's true: can be built with mostly off-the-shelf parts, uses open-source hardware, comes as a kit. That's all true.

But, more and more, this project is becoming entirely DIT (Do-It-Together). None of this would be possible without the people who have contributed their unique time and skills to the project.

Last night was a perfect example. Our new OpenROV HQ was filled with boxes of parts and materials, everything we need for the kits (less the Beaglebone capes), but wasn't necessarily portioned correctly or packed nicely for shipment. It was a series of little jobs that would've taken me a week to finish.

In the spirit of DIT, I sent out a message on Facebook to friends and other OpenROVers to come over for a "packing party." Well, they came. And we got more done than I thought we could. All the kits are now ready to go, waiting for the final part before they head out all over the world.

(And, yes, our little HQ does have a persian rug and a fume hood. ;) )


Well done guys...!! Hope for mine to arrive soon..!!


I like that term DIT. I think I am going to integrate that into our University Philosophy