OpenROV Interest Group in VA?


Greetings enthusiasts!

I am moving to Hampton VA and am wondering if there is an OpenROV group established at the mouth of the great Chesapeake? If not, I am interested in starting and interest group when I get out there and have a number of projects that we should dive into. If your in the area (Hamtpon VA) or would like to help oput remotely, give me a shout. I'll add you to the list and get things started in August once I get settled in beautiful coastal VA.


1. OpenAUV

2. Archeological Camera (using Tom Mahlzbenders' PTMs and camera rig design)

3. Pressure Chamber (I handed off this project to Eric and some friends in Pleasanton, CA, but I will need one in VA)

4. Software:

a. AUV

b. Payloads (CTD, Water Sampler, vision processing...)

5. Exploration of the Chesapeake!!

Jim N.