OpenROV in Sketchup



I have created a model of the OpenROV in Google Sketchup. I did this in response to David Lang asking if I could sketch up a drawing of how I envisioned attaching auxiliary thrusters to the ROV. I know he didn't mean use "Google Sketchup (tm)" to do it, but since I have experience with that program and I find it useful to have a virtual model to test concepts I went ahead and modeled one up the best I could.

I created the model because I don't actually have the physical ROV in my possession at this point. I'm a Kickstarter backer with a pre-assembled ROV coming my way thoughJ. Until November when the ROVs are to ship out, I have to make do. Answering questions about physical designs are difficult without having something tangible to work with. By creating a scale 3D model I was able to see if my proposed solutions could actually work.

It's not a 100% perfect to scale model, more like 99%. The laser cutting files that I could find online for the OpenROV could not import directly into Google Sketchup so I had to compromise by tracing the part outlines instead from within Sketchup. Tracing will never be exact as a direct import so that is why I say it is not a perfect model. Also, when it comes to the electronics bracket within the tube there aren't any detailed instructions on how to construct it so I just took my best stab at it.

After tracing all the parts I extruded them to give them thickness. Once all the parts were laid out I watched and viewed every video and picture I could find online related to the design and construction of the ROV. That gave me enough visuals to go off to put the all the pieces together and build up the model.

I’ve even broken out all the pieces into .stl files, which is the standard for 3D printing on Thingiverse. So in theory you could 3D print the ROV chassis and some internal parts.

You can download the Sketchup model from Thingiverse here:

You can view a video of the model within Sketchup here in X-ray mode:

You can a video of the model within Sketchup in normal mode here:

You can view a Flickr album of renders of the model here:


This model is a work in progress, as I learn more about how the OpenROV is designed I will update it. Like I said, I do not have one in my possession so I’ve had to use creative liberty where necessary.
This model is not 100% complete or accurate; do not use it to laser cut parts.
This model was created using the free version of Google Sketchup, 8.0.14346
The renders were done using the free version of Twilight Render, a plugin renderer for Google Sketchup
This model took me about 12 hours to work on and complete
The camera motion in the videos is controlled in real-time by me using a Space Navigator 3D mouse by 3dconnexion. It allows you to pan, zoom, and rotate as if you were holding the model in your hand.

2060-sketchupexample.png (333 KB)