OPENROV in Murky Water



Hi. I am looking for a ROV which I can use to carry out Underwater Hull Inspection. The kind of water where I intend carry out the inspection is very murky so I only have the option use a 0.1 Lux camera. Is there any way I can have the TRIDENT custom fitted with a 0.1Lux Camera?


As far as i know the trident will come in a fixed setup that features the stated camera. It will not be possible do change the camera without basically rebuilding everything. If you want to customize your own ROV you may take a look at the OpenROV (but again if you want to use a different camera, it will be an adventure :slight_smile: ).


Take a look at the ROV I built. The body materials are readily available and all the key parts you need can be purchased from OpenROV. I have played with a couple of low light cameras for use inside shipwrecks and deep wrecks with ambient light.


The main advantages of Trident when compared with the standard OpenROV are its speed and manouverability. Both things togheder, not only mean faster work, but the ability to whitstand stronger currents, and the capacity to work into more turbulent environments.
If none of them are a requirement for you, just try modding the standard one.