OpenROV goes Adelaide Mini Maker Faire!


Now it's official, OpenROV has been choosen as one of the projects on the inaugural Adelaide Mini Maker Faire! - Hooray!

It will be an event of many 'firsts' - Its the first ever Mini Maker Faire in Adelaide - it's (as far as I know) the first public presentation of an OpenROV in Australia - and its my first ever Maker Faire :)

Call for fellow OpenROV'ers

If you are living in Australia and build an OpenROV it would be awesome if you would drop by and have a chat!

If you wan't to join me and show your own OpenROV too, that would be awesome. Please contact me at dominik(at) or on Twitter @codewithpassion


Hi there, I would love to attend unfortunately Adelaide is a bit far for me to travel.....however, if there is anything i can ever do on the east coast (queensland) please let me know!