Openrov form rc bait boat?


Sorry for this noob question I’m about to drop on you…you can tell me I’m a high ass if it’s impossible but…I would like to use a rc bait boat as home base for the rov using the surface boats wifi to beam fpv signal and control back to shore and a winch system to load and unload the rov from the boat…the boat could hold extra battery power or fpv antenna array? I am a hobbiest only with a wish to explore lakes and streams…if it makes a kabillion Bucks maybe you could just send me one of the first production models for free?:slight_smile: thanks for reading and any input you give


If there a particular RC Bait boat that you have experience with?


You mean something like this?


Thats pretty cool looking. That one has connectivity baked in to it, so yea, in theory you could add the ROV and assuming there is an ethernet port on board somewhere to plugin the topside adapters ethernet port you should be off to the races. :taxi:

#6 maybe? That one you linked looks very expensive,sweet looking though…I see a lot of different bait boats with wifi fpv built in…the connection between them is the hard part for me…the fact you say it’s possible has me excited…thanks for your response…Now I just have to wait for someone to make it:)


Cool idea… and given that it is a surface platform you could potentially incorporate GPS in to the mix for navigation and positioning. The only concern I might have is the practicality of such a system at small scale.


A couple projects on the “ArduBoat User Group” might give you some ideas: