OpenROV Derivatives Part I


We've seen so many interesting add-ons and derivatives of OpenROV, I thought I'd make a list of some of them. If you've made your own OpenROV with major modifications, please post photos! Here's Part I of an ongoing series...

Ben's ROV (with magnetically coupled thrusters):

Jaime's creation:


Troy's (based off Ion's design):


Cannon Cottle's OpenROV with a Tail:

Additional Thruster option idea?

Love the orange and black one


Other 2.4 Derivative.after my , Blue #17 .


I would like to buy the OpenROV v2.6 Kit available at , I don't have a credit card, I would like to make a wire transfer from my company's current account. Can you share the bank details to make the wire transfer.

I have been sending emails to asking for this details and a formal quotation from the following email ids:

But I am not getting any reply...


Wow theres been a lot of great work. Could you post the links to the forum discussions regarding each design. I am interested in technical details of Jamie's design in particular. I think his modification to the camera arm and the central rod are a great way to improve the sterility of the end caps at extreme depth.


Piercet on thingiverse is using the electronics package to power this 3d printed variant


Upscaled OpenROV. Got the carcass from a diving company that went bust. Inside was water damaged and had no tether or topsides. OpenROV board set and new power supply components, and off we go…