OpenROV Demos at the Aquarium of the Pacific


Over the weekend, we participated in Explorer's Day at the Aquarium of the Pacific. As part of day's events, we demoed the OpenROV in the big tanks at the aquarium. It went fantastic. It was great to see the kids light up when they saw the robot swimming next to the sharks and rays. It generated a lot of questions from kids, and became a wonderful bridge for kids to see and understand the link to the Nautilus live feed that was playing on a screen behind the tanks.

In short, it made the idea of ocean exploration accessible to the kids. And we set up a pool outside the aquarium where all of the kids could come and drive the ROV.

I hope to see this set up at Aquariums all over the nation and world!


I had a great time


OpenROV swims with the sharks!!!


There was lots of interest from the ocean science community as well. I think there will be some interesting collaborations down the road that we can all benefit from.



I just posted video that I captured from the OpenROV dive in the aquarium tank.