OpenROV debuts during Algalita 2014 POPS International Youth Summit at Dana Point Ocean Institute


Our Robodox Algalita OpenROV build team attended the subject conference and gave Captain Charles Moore and crew their first look at the OpenROV that will be used to survey fish habitat located in plastic pollution during their July expedition to the Pacific Gyre.

Here is a link to the team summit report posted in our blog "Robodox Engineering ROV for ORV"

We had a short tank demo with a missing thruster... but at least we were able to go in circles:) Thanks to Dave L. for trying to get us new motors on the spur of the moment. We now have things back to normal and will proceed with salt water testing next week.

I was excited to finally get onboard the Alguita ORV and see how we might deploy the ROV. The girls on the team were more excited to see surfer-singer Jack Johnson!



I am very interested in the findings. Please updates us when you get to out in July.