OpenROV Controller Board


As part of OpenROV v2.5, we've made a major upgrade in terms of electronics. The new OpenROV Controller Board complements the Beaglebone Black as the brains of the OpenROV. It allows the high-level computing power of the Beaglebone Black to control the sensors and actuators of the ROV, such as the motors, servos, and lights. This Controller Board performs the same functions as the earlier OpenROV Cape, while adding a spectrum of new functionality.


Embedded Arduino Mega with plenty of available IO for external devices and add-ons.

Embedded Power Switch - Allows ROV to be turned on and off remotely (through tether).

ESC mounting pads.

Easy plug mounting of Homeplug adapter and Beaglebone Black (no additional wiring).

On-Board DB25 Connector for removable tether connection.

4 Power PWM channels for driving lights, scaling lasers, and other power devices.

6 Servo output channels for driving ESCs and servos.

Embedded measurement of voltages, currents, temperature, and (optionally) humidity.

Built-in 5v and 3v3 I2C buses.

It will be available in the OpenROV store in October.


Could you please post a picture of the plug mout for the Homplug? If i dont use the tenda nano adapter how to connect other devices?


Fantastic! I can't wait to upgrade the current sub with one of these!


So the documentation for the board has now been put on GitHub. See this forum post:

For Stefan: If you don't want to use the Tenda Homeplug adapter, you can remove the header sockets ( power and tether) where the adapter would connect, and solder in wires that lead to the adapter of your choice.



Beautiful! Looking forward to it!


Hi Walt,

the Github files open my eyes. :)

Cant wait to order one ;)


cant wait to get hold of a couple of these and some e-chassis!Really great work!!!