OpenROV controlled by radio controller?



Hi everyone

Anyone who are controlling til ROV With a radio Controller?


Hi Tom-Vidar
Its disappointing, that there were no replies so far, so I bring this up again. I have also been thinking of this, because I am extremely unhappy with the precision of the xbox controller, which never neutralizes reliably. There is a post how to deal with it, but my experience with radio-controllers is much better since they not only neutralize well but add also the possibility to use mixers and exponential curves for the joysticks which allows for much more sensitive movements of the Rov. This is extremely important to use any form of grabbers. I tried my grabber in the pool. It worked well, but it was extremely difficult to position the Rov precisely. With the xbox controller the movements were erratic. So I also want to try to use an old transmitter to control my Rov. I started a search and found a possibility: the JoyWarrior 24RC -chip (just google and you will find a lot of information on that! ) allows any transmitter to be used as a gamepad. I will try to get one of those and see wether it works with Openrov. Maybe someone has tried that before?


Exellent Hubertus :slight_smile:
I would like others to come up with experienses or idag how to get this working with fine presisjon. It is importaint.

What kind of grabber do you have?


Look here:


Awsome and brilliant design :)

I see in the article that you have made a mold and can make more of the parts?
Can you sell me these parts?



Have anyone tried these controllers?


Hi Tom
I just recieved a rc-usb interface with the same specifications today. To my disappointement it is not recognized by the software. I am sure there must be some software to make it work. I will try to find something. The joysticks are certainly better than those of the xbox controller.


I did some more trials: i took apart a xbox controller. Looking at the joystick, I could see, that the potentiometers do not recenter well. The corresponds with bad neutral position-values. So I decided to take those Joysticks off and connected the xbox electronics with the joysticks of an old rc-transmitter. It worked perfect and the controlling of the rov is much better. The xbox board fits into my transmitter, I just have to connect the buttons with some switches and buttons mounted in the transmitter.
So basically, this shows that it could be a way to go, if someone wants to build his own controller. The risk of distroying the xbox electronics is big!
For most people the workaround by correcting the values for neutral in the software is the easier method. If someone comes up with some software that makes the usb-transmittors compatible, that would be the best. For computer specialists that is probably not such a problem, since all rc-simulators for pc and mac use the same usb-transmittors. So there must be a lybrary somewhere.


Thanks for reply.
So most people uses gamepads and not the keyboard I Guess?
Well… I will try to find a way for radio controll … Please inform What you finds out:-)