OpenROV Cockpit version 1.0 beta (v0.9) released


Yesterday evening version 1.0 beta of the OpenROV Cockpit (real version number is v0.9) was released.

This will be the version that will ship with all the Kicktarter's kits.

Remind that the Arduino part is designed to work with the new OpenROV Cape, so if you built your own cape using the schematics published on the development branch on github you will probably need to change pin numbers in the Arduino code.

That was a long work, and we are finally happy to put an official release number next to the work done over the last week.

Thanks to everyone that worked on all the aspects of the software, starting from the Arduino code, the image creation scripts, the linux demons scripts, the node.js app and the web UI.


Can you add a video of the cockpit software running? I think that would help people determine it is worth their time to check out this code.



If the Schematic and PCB up to date?

Does it work with the 1.0 beta of the OpenROV cockpit"?



Cross posting is always a bad idea :) but thank you for asking:

I've updated the blog post to make it more clear.

I'll make myself guilty of cross posting too, and I'll answer here as well: the Cockpit works with the final rev of the OpenROV cape, not with the schematics that are on the dev branch on github.

We'll post them on github asap



It depends on what version you had running before: if you have an old version it's definitely worth upgrading, otherwise it won't the ROV won't work :)

If you have a version of a few weeks ago, we basically made it more robust and added some diagnostic screens.

The manual on the wiki shows most of the UI screens:

And I posted a video of the cockpit controlled via the gamepad:

and of a full system test (well, just one motor but still) both keyboard and gamepad:


My suggestion was to embed a video within the blog post. I think if you posted a simple video that focused on demonstrating a good view of the web app, you'd get more developers interested in helping out improving the cockpit. It is a nice little bit of tech and reusable in all sorts of rover environments.

Further, I've been looking at ways I can improve Bonescript to make it easier for people to make your kind of application and I appreciate any advise you have.


Does the servo(tilt of camera) only go to the end points and middle? can you set the tilt to some position between up and middle, or middle and down?


@Thomas: not at this point

@Jason: we are not using bonescript, but sending command via serial to an arduino that sits on a BB cape.

Thinkering with an arduino is easier for the general DIYer and "cheaper" (considering that I burned a BB just by plugging a 5V signal to a GPIO pin on the header, and that costed me 90Euro) that doing it directly on the BB.