OpenROV Cockpit for Guest Viewing


Looking to see if another person nearby could access (with Permission) the open cockpit app on their android for viewing the camera only. They would not be able to control the Trident, just view the video feed. Is it possible?

Connecting a ViewBox?

This is not a « Trident question » !
The question is : is it possible to copy the view of an android tablet to another (android or iPad) tablet. Yes, no problem, with TeamViewer. Privat licence is free.


Thank you, That is logical. Will implement and update.


Can you expand on this? Instead of the Trident being a solitary experience, I’d like to let other folks on the boat follow the live video on their phones too. I don’t think I want/need the remote control aspects of Teamviewer, I’m not sure how much overhead the JXD controller will support if it is doing the serving (will shared video be smooth and no interruption of Trident control), and I won’t always be in cellular range if that is how the sharing is implemented. Is there an app that can pick up the surface buoy wifi video broadcast and just view? If Android to Android is necessary, are there apps that work over wifi or bluetooth and don’t need internet/cellular? Most of what I see when I research is intended for tech support over internet not shared experience locally.


Also interested in a workaround to this if no other device can connect to the surface buoy