OpenRov Cockpit Android app


Hi guys. Total newbie just unboxed my trident.

Cant find the cockpit app on google playstore? In australia, am i geoblocked or something?

Any help or links appreciated so i can get started.



If you send an e-mail to, they will help you! The app is only in a beta version right now, thats why you cant find it in the app store yet!


Thanks for that. Will do.


Are you one of the beta testers or kickstarter backer?
Cant wait any more for my Trident.


Hi, think previous reply got deleted??

Am a beta tester. Currently very happy with things. Unit good and communications with the support people excellent.


Hi, I am a beta tester. Just charged my Trident and downloaded the app. Can’t seem to find the password to connect the tablet to the Trident over wifi. Can anyone help me with the password; ; please.


Hi, SSID and password is printed on a sticker on the top side wifi unit


Just got my TRIDENT and I am leaving oN a diving trip In 4hours. Where I go There s No internet.
Cant wait for repply from SUPPORT
Can anyone help me with the APP link?


Everything is explained in the documentation you got !

I doubt that you will get immediately the link for the app as it is still in test phase.


It’s not in the instructions I got yesterday. It says to go to Google Play and download the app. And the app is not there. I have emailed support twice, still no reply.


It was in my instructions:

Go to: