OpenROV Cockpit 1.6.0 early use comments

Hi team,

Love 1.6.0 update with telem record. However, for the initial look, I found that the heading reading is 1 degree off (+1) and the temp is 1 degree C off (+1) from the live feed. I will be testing tomorrow and will update more.


Jim N

Did my first test run today and also recorded the screen simulations, seems fine to me, no offset in heading and temperature…
Very happy and pleased with the update, makes our work with transects for scientific use a whole lot easier! Thank you for that!

Good to know, thanks. I’ll hopefully have some tests today to determine if it’s a persistant issue or just a bench test artifact.

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Hi Manuel,

Some testing on Trident 1. I have 2 and I do see differences from Trident to Trident.
(telem recording time is in 24hr format) bench top tests. 5 sec. record

Trident 1
Pilot view:
water temp ~32.37
heading 3 degrees
time 11:50 July 1 2019 as read from PC

Recorded telem:
water temp ~32.39 - 32.40
heading 4 degree
time 11:50 July 2 2019 as read from ROV

Trident 2
Pilot view:
water temp ~27.08
heading 0 degrees
time 00:01 Jul 2 2019 as read from PC

Recorded telem:
water temp ~27.17 C
heading 359 degrees
time 12:03 Jul 2 2019 as read from ROV

Sanity has returned. Still seeing a 1 degree variance. I had a time issue, and realized that my JXD controller time was set incorrectly.

Other than the heading being off ± 1 degree, probably rounding in the software, all seems well.



something I found is that sometimes the heading on the JXD switches 180 degrees during flight, but in the recording it doesn’t… not quite sure how or why… just an observation…