OpenROV Classes in Makerspaces


In yesterday's development call, I gave a rambling explanation of something I've been thinking a lot about:

OpenROV Classes in Makerspaces

Here's what I was thinking: working with makerspaces or a specific member of a makerspace to organize an OpenROV Class/Build. It could be one weekend. Or two weekends. Or one night a week for a month. But we offer the teacher 5 OpenROVs at a discounted rate, and they are able to charge for the class, say $1k total, to cover their time and the OpenROV components.

This would be a great maker education project for someone who is new to making, as well as a good way to make a little money on the side for someone who works at a makerspace. It will also be a great way to start building more local OpenROV communities.

What do you think? Any makerspace operators out there want to pilot this with us?

Feel free to email me directly:


How about something similar to this offer for colleges or high schools? I'm a graduate student at a Maritime College and I work together with some Lecturers here who try to incorporate projects like this into their engineering syllabus but they do not get much monetary support for electrical parts so some of them sponsor Arduino boards and other electrical parts on their own to be able to use them in class. Also, having a few ROVs of the same type could help with developing and research of the coordination of ROVs you're currently looking into. And there are always eager students who will spend extra time on a project like this.


I'd love to pilot this at Tampa Hackerspace but we're just getting started and money is tight. Please do update the community on how it went with the spaces that dove in.

Bill Shaw