OpenROV Cape Test Software...No Beaglebone Required


I have been having so much trouble getting my Cape and Beaglebone Black to communicate that I wanted an independent test to verify that my Cape was operational. Here is a simple test program that will exercise the OpenROV arduino software using the standard includes that are used by OpenROV.ino. I finally was able to prove that my Cape was operational. (I suppose the OpenROV floks already have something like this..but I couldn't find it)

See my blog post for further details.

Below are the program intro remarks from the attached ino file.

/* OpenROV_cape_test Written by Chris Siegert, 11.30.13 ,, This program is designed to test the OpenROV Cape. Program generates commands that cycles motors, tilt servo and lights sequentially. No Beaglebone is required for the test. Power the cape using the battery input terminals and connect the output devices. All motors are cycled simultaneously with 2 second steps at magnitudes {135,90,45,90}. Motors are left in reset mode. Next the servo is commanded to {170,10,90} Basically full tilt up to full tilt down and back to neutral. The light goes to full brihtness then to half brightness and then off. The device sequencing is then repeated continuously. If running without the Beaglebone, load the sketch and its includes into the ATmega chip using an Arduino project board or programmer. Then reinsert the chip back into the cape. If running with the Beaglebone, one might be able to just upload the program using the OPENROV cockpit utility. */

1064-OpenROV_cape_test.ino (3.08 KB)