OpenROV Business ideas


Read your book Zero to Maker and was inspired by it. i find myself in the same situation, Laid-off and looking for a new business idea. Thought I would look at the reverse of my journey by buying the ROV and creating a business around it. Has anyone done this on this board? I would love to hear about your ideas.


Hi Frank,

Similar things have been done in the recent past, and have been rather successful. Typically is use case based, i.e. drones ,recon, terrain analysis, environmental monitoring, etc. I'm not aware of anything specifically tailored on this site, but I don't know much about anything so don't take my word for it. However, there is a new paradigm on the horizon, in my opinion. Tht is one of citizen stewardship. Enabling makers and arm chair scientists the ability to get out of the chair and use these new tech tools, such as OpenROVs, to live the dream of the national geographic explorer. SciStarter, SpaceHack and now Seahack are publicizing citizen science opportunities, inviting boffin and non-boffin folk to get in on the action. OpenROV is also developing Open Explorer along these lines. David and Eric have a clear path in mind for such activities. Anyway, my focus is on engineering scientific payloads and contacting surrounding marine science organizations, querying needs and wants and trying to determine gaps that could be filled by devices like the ROV kit. I'm not focused on making a business out of it, but you could. It's out there, just need to shoe horn it in, LOL. I think a good starting point is to open up dialogue with surrounding organizations, though they don't need to be marine science/engineering based, and build the list. I've been planning on doing this for a while, just can't find the time between building ROVs, developing science payloads, and supporting a family. (plus my day job) LOL I need 6 more hours in the day.