OpenROV BBB system


I have an OpenROV v2.7, but recently my system in the BBB crashed. Similar to the problem present in this post ( Thus, I have download the last system available in the site ( and rebuilt. However, the system present in the iso (OpenROV-2.5-29.img.7z) that I have download is different than the system that I had.

So, I remember the system that comes with the BBB (from OpenROV) is a Debian (7.6?), and now I have Ubuntu (13.10). Where can I find the last version of the OpenROV system? I have noted that the cockpit is different in this Ubuntu`s version, where the controller of depth and heading are not present.

Is the version in the last one? I didn`t download it due to the message “This project is currently disabled” in this webpage.

Regards, Paulo.

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#3 Bottom Of The page. If you search the forum for Beta 30.0.0 that is even better :wink: