OpenROV Barreleye Edition


Certainly you've seen a photo of the Barreleye Fish pictured above. The translucent head always mesmerizes me. It's a perfect example of all the crazy and alien species that inhabit the ocean (and how little we know about them).

Yesterday, while we were testing a totally clear OpenROV that we built for demo purposes, Eric commented that watching the clear OpenROV was like looking at a Barreleye Fish. He was exactly right. There's something incredibly cool about watching the electronic parts and motors move through the water.

We're thinking about doing a limited run of special edition "Barreleye" OpenROVs--as kits and assembled versions. What do you think? Would you want one?

If so, drop your name here and we'll let you know when they're available.


Looks cool, but the blue one is easyer to find if ypou lost it.




Just the ticket for not upsetting the undersea critters up here in the Gulf Islands - stealthy and subtle!

Keep up the good work - let me know when they are available - I'm in!