Eric and I got into Key Largo late last night. Just in time to catch a few hours of sleep before the 06:30am morning briefing.

We're spending the next few days with Nick Skytland and Chris Gerty of NASA's OpenGov team, shaking out the ROV in ocean conditions and working on possible ways to integrate crowdsourcing and open hardware into NASA's current missions. Brian McLaughlin, of NASA and GeekDad fame, is also along for the adventure.

We expect to learn a lot about the capabilities of the current prototype and will be feeding our twitter stream with photos and updates.

Morning briefing at Mission Control. Photo via Nick Skytland.


Fantastic, and great photos as well. I'll be eagerly watching to see what shakes out.


That's awesome! Jealous of you guys. Hope it's a fantastic and productive trip. Will be following with baited breath


Sounds very cool, Dave. Have fun!