OpenROV at DesignWest 2013


Dive! Dive! Dive! OpenROV for Ocean Exploration with Off-the-Shelf Hardware and Open Designs

"The ocean is one of the most unexplored reaches of our planet, yet much of it can be explored if you have your own ROV. The aim of the this class and the OpenROV project is to put ROVs in the hands of hobbyists and explorers without a heavy pricetag. We will go into what it takes to build your own ROV, using off the shelf hardware with the Beaglebone and the Arduino along with various sensors and motors. From the foundation of using open software packages that install on Linux, to the open source laser cut files you can use to build your own ROV. Then we’ll explore various aspects of the design from command and control, tether design, interfacing sensors and motors, and cloud deployment so you can share the exploration with your family, friends and the world."

Delivered this presentation at the Design West conference last Tuesday. Of course I had to get my OpenROV ready to show so it pushed me along. Lots of people showed interest in getting involved in the OpenROV project which is exciting. I hope to see them connect here soon.

Stephen Olsen


For an $850 ROV kit, this is amazing, I emailed an ROV company the other day regarding the price for a MICRO ROV, they replied: $2500, and it isn't as open to add on components like OpenROV, their was also this other ROV for $20,000! Also, if you go on Amazon, and type in ROV, you will come across a very basic one for $2500 as well, ridiculous! I won't say the various companies as I don't wish to put them on the spot. By the way, do you guys plan to use the leap motion controls with the robotic arm on the actual ROV? Because if you do that would be one of the most complex robotic arms I've seen on an ROV.


I love the clear ROV!