OpenROV and the International Space Apps Challenge


NASA is hosting an international codeathon this weekend called the International Space Apps Challenge. A number of us will be at TechShop in San Francisco working on OpenROV. If you're in the area, please stop by OR feel free to contribute remotely.

Here's a description of the OpenROV Challenge:

The challenge is to further the development of hardware, software, and communications interfaces to visually and bathymetrically map the ocean floor, in an opensource fashion. More specifically, to create a platform that will allow open source underwater robots, like the OpenROV 2.3 design, to take imagery of their local undersea environment, open their data to visualization applications like Google Earth, while simultaneously acquiring crowdsourced analysis of the imagery in question. Properly standardized APIs would make this imagery data/metadata easily accessible to future scientific research applications, as well as provide an influx of undersea imagery and bathymetric data to apps such as Google Earth.

Should be a fun event. We hope to hear from you this weekend!