OpenROV adding motors



Hey guys I wanted to add additional motors to the OpenROV 2.8 (to be used for lateral motion), I understand that the OpenROV controller board 2.8 has additional servo outs, located at J21 pins D9 and D10.

I also understand that the motor objects and classes are all listed in the OpenROV arduino software github. The issue I am having is trouble understanding where the motors are being given commands to run, and the required PWM signals are being generated. For example in order to control the servo tilt, the CCameraMount.cpp code creates a tilt instance, and using the timer interrupts actuate the servo.

The same sort of pipeline is unclear in CThrusters_2X1.cpp, also the pin outs of the arduino to the J21 connectors is unclear in the code and schematics. If this could be clarified that would be greatly appreciated.


This has already been done a few times. There should be all the instructions and info you need in these threads.


Hey Brendan

Thanks for that, exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile: