OpenROV 3D Laser Scanner and Navigation Plugin


As a founder of Navigasense I am looking for a partners who would share our enthusiast in building an awesome underwater mobile 3D laser scanner plugin for OpenROV to provide dynamic scanning, where higher resolution 3D models are generated instantaneously while scanning, the figure shown above representing a prototype 3D Laser scanner that I used to validate my algorithm, as you can see this is a scan sample from a real human face. the next step is to make the OpenROV works as a 3D laser scanning by utilizing its built in sensors such as stereo cameras, gyroscope, accelerometer to work with our sensor fusion application as a plugin for the OpenROV software.
We are appreciating all kinds of cooperation and we are looking forward to here your thoughts concerning this project.


Dear Waly,

We are very interested to participate, under water 3 D scanning at this moment is mainly done by acoustic signals/reflections.

If a relative small and easy to use tool could work that would be really interesting.

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Dear Max,
I hope all is fine,

Your desire for participation is deeply appreciated, I was so glad hearing from you and I would like to cooperate with you by all possible means to achieve the proposed underwater 3D laser scanner, would you like to participate in making a 3D laser scanner for the OpenROV, or for commercial grade larger ROV?
Let me give you more information about the current 3D laser scanner that shown in the figure below.

It has the following specifications:
Weight:1500 gram.
Length: 30 cm.
Height: 32 cm.
width: 17 cm.
It consists of an affordable two web cameras, IMU, arduino and a stainless steel frame, it localize itself in six degrees of freedom by doing a sensor fusion from its optical and inertial sensors, I conducted many experiments to validate its underlying software algorithm that I wrote by myself, and it pulled off to scan a real human face from free movement as I mentioned earlier. Our next step is to build over this prototype to make the OpenROV works as a mobile 3D laser scanner, or create a standalone laser scanner that could be deployed on commercial grade larger ROV.

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I am interested as well. I have been working with acoustics and am close to a POC on a localization system for OpenROV. It would be interesting to have a laser system for more accurate close in relative localization to objects. This would compliment the absolute location from an acoustic positioning system.

I am in the SF Bay area and would be interested in collaborating on building/testing a prototype.

You can reach me directly at


Jim Trezzo


Thanks Jim for your interest, I read about your work, and I had to say the level of technology that you provide to the OpenROV project is really impressive, and of course I will be happy to collaborate with you concerning this project.

Best Regards,