OpenROV 30.0.0 Running on a Beaglebone Black Green



Hey guys, currently started a ROV project that just needs the innards of an OpenROV, got myself a Seeed Beaglebone Black Green - which is a cheaper alternative to a regular Beaglebone Black and booted up the OpenROV 30.0.0 Flash iso on it to see if it ran, and it did! using a Microsoft 720pi HD cam I had laying around to test it too and so far seems to be ok! Currently waiting on a DB25 breakout before hooking it up to the OpenROV board I have before powering it via bench supply etc,

A small shot of the BBBG running the OpenROV cockpit. I’ll update once I power the OpenROV board via bench supply.

Dead BeagleBone Black, replace with BeagleBone?

Aaand here’s the beaglebone black green running on the open ROV cape! got the DB25 breakout on it and fired her up.

just so if anyone else is wanting to shave a bit of cost off their ROV build grab a Beaglebone Black Green!