OpenRov #2878 in China


I am a photoelectric and commnication student in China and I got the OpenRov kit with my friend by the middle of Jan. We unwrapped the package few days ago and we are now building the ROV. It process is more diffifult than my imagination but it is full of joy. In China, it is not an easy job to find acrylic cement and epoxy and not many people know about ROV so it did take us quite some time to do the preperation.But luckily we have started.
We have finished Guide 0 to Guide 3 except injecting the epoxy to the hole beside DB25 part. I got a tube of 5 MIN epoxy without a mixing nozzle so it was hard for me to inject the epoxy. My friend and I mixed the epoxy first and then use a stick to put them into the part that need epoxy. It did work at first but when it came to the Db25 part I find myself eager to get a nozzle so i purchased another tube of epoxy with a nozzle online. I believed that the problem will be solved tomorrow and the build will carry on. Also, reading an english guide was not easy for a Chinese guy at first so I made a misunderstanding on the tool “heat gun”. It took me some time to get the right one.
By now, we also did some job on updating software and we will continue to build the ROV in the next few days. I am looking forward to the ROV !


Wow, after overcoming all sorts of difficulties, we finally finish building our first OpenRov ! I found that the endcap of battery tube a little bit inconvenient, because everytime I plug it in I have to put some lube in order to make it just fit in the end of the tube. So we want to modify the battery endcap in the future. The Chinese NewYear is coming and i think this is the best new year gift for myself and my friend. We will test it underwater at the end of Feb after ending the new year hoilday.


Awesome! I look forward to seeing footage. :D.


Hello,it is very nice to meet you.i am a chinese student too,i have just assemble my ROV last month.i pilot my ROV in the pool and the lakes.maybe we can contact each other in chinese,which university are you from?my email is


The dark period after the Chinese new year hoilday was finally over ! In the last few day we have faced the leak of O-ring and DB25. We re-lasered the endcap and re-potted the epoxy. The vacuum test ran well yesterday and we are going to dive next week.
When dealing with the epoxy problem, I found out a great tool for injecting the epoxy. It’s a kind of injector shown in the picture. It can provide a mass amount of pressure to inject.

Looking forward to the first dive !