OpenROV 263 meets the Mediterranean Sea


Hi all,

A few words to share OpenROV 263 first dive in the sea. I was tired of swimming pools, so even if not everything was perfect, I decided to go at sea. That was really cool!

Seeing stuff with the ROV I could not see from the surface was exiting (even so it was 2m deep).

When we started to see the rocks and fishes, the kids were as thrilled as I was!

We also went to see a boat's mooring:

The pros:

- Great to go with such a light pack to explore new places!

- Could see stuff underneath

The cons:

- The XBOX remote was suddenly no longer working. The driver could detect it, but not the cockpit...

- I am still having power issues. If I am drawing too much power when 2 or 3 thrusters are running, the rov stops... On the cockpit, the last image shows a voltage drop... I have the keep the speed at 2 and take care not to use more than 2 thrusters... This is really frustrating and blocking to explorer deeper. The P38 in La Ciotat will have to wait a bit more...

The conclusion:

- The rov is almost ready to dive for real, and that's great!

- I am eager to get the new board to troubleshoot this power supply issue!



Fantastic! Good luck on your explorations.